Amsterdam 400

tn_smWe had a very blessed time at the gathering of Baptists from across the European Baptist Federation (EBF) as we celebrated the 400th anniversary of Baptist work in Europe during July 24th – 26th. Delegates from Serbia represented the Union of Christian Baptist Churches in Serbia. Secretary of the Union, Dragiša Armuš, Stojan Mitrovi?, Dragan Stankovi?, and Emanuel Ralevi? attended as delegates. The program highlighted the work of the EBF and the challenges the theological school in Prague faces. A new committee was elected, now headed by the new President Valerijo Cilecki from Moldavia who is the successor to Toma Magda from Croatia. Approximately 850 delegates from 57 countries were present. It was a blessing to see all these brothers and sisters in the Lord. For me personally the most exciting event was when I met brother Rudy Dobutovich who visited from the US so that we would see each other again after 42 years. I thank the Lord who enabled me to be at the celebration and to meet everyone, and I thank everyone who helped make this possible.

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